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14 Primrose Close. Flitwick, Beds. Mk45 1PJ
mob: 07739458146 tel.: 01525 793148

email: sales@sinnamoncakes.com
A combination of the expert cakecraft of Maggi, with over 25 years experience, & the artistic talents of Paul, a creative designer, in 2010 SinnamonCakes was born. The aim was to create delicious handmade, hand decorated mouthwatering cakes, for Weddings, or birthdays, or just that special gift. Each one to be unique, personal and value for money. If the name sounds familiar, we used to be in Leighton Buzzard. Recently relocated but with the same philosophy.
That very special day deserves a very special creation. Using our free consultation service we will discuss you requirements. If you have a colour scheme in mind, or a theme to add, we will incorporate those into the design. If you know what you want, then we take that concept and add a personal twist to keep it unique. If you need guidance or expert advice on trends, or fashions, from contemporary to slightly obscure we can bring all of our experience and knowledge to start to form the concept.

Flavours are also your choice. We hand make each cake from fresh ingredients so you pick the tastes, whether it be rich dark fruit, or classic vanilla sponge, or mixed tiers including zesty lemon, or rich chocolate. All possible, and all personal to you.

If you have any dietary needs within the flavours, then just advise and we can accommodate. Our recipe for a ceoliac friendly sponge cake has to be tasted to be believed.

We always start the process with a hand drawn sketch. This can happen during the consultation as the details are added, or we take all of the necessary components and provide you a full detail sketch within a day. No orders are taken until the design is agreed.
Once the details are confirmed, you can leave the rest to us.
Constant updates from the placement of order, to delivery and setup, assure you of our care and attention put in to each and every one we make.
"..we have been impressed from start to finish. We would gladly recommend you..." - Laura & David
"..compared to other cake makers, you certainly provide excellent value for money..." - Simon B
"..The cake looked amazing and tasted fantastic. The design was spot on! Just what we were after, everyone was commenting on how good it looked and tasted and how different it was!
The cake was great value for money, and you both were a pleasure to deal with both personally and as a business..." - Dave H
We love to use our inventive and imaginative talents for Birthdays and gifts also. Everyone has a birthday, so why not make it memorable with a bespoke themed, perfectly flavoured, handmade cake.
Using the same process as for wedding cakes, we get as much information as we can to ensure that themes are personal, and the flavours are perfect. Catering for birthdays of all ages, from a children's 1st, up to grandparents special occasion, every one is tailored to suit.
Sketches are created, to again, show the concept design and allow any changes or additions to be made. We have learned to be discreet should the creation be a surprise.

We never mass produce our cakes, or use shop-bought mixtures.
We believe that the taste difference between packet powders, and cakes made in the traditional way with fresh ingredients is worth every penny.

Why compromise on design and have a retail supermarket version. Rows and rows of identical cakes, that you may have to end up adding your own decorations.

Order one from us and you will get the design you want, your favourite characters and colour schemes. And all decorated over a moist cake in the exacting flavours you love.

We can cater for individual small personal cakes, to be that special gift to a loved one; or a larger celebration cake to cater for a whole party.

For a no obligation quote, just send us an email enquiry at
    sales@sinnamoncakes.com and we will have a quote back to you within 24 hrs.
What a better way to indulge in a moist sponge bursting with flavour, topped with a rich creamy frosting. Ideal for sharing, though perfectly sized for individual indulgence.
We recognise trends and fashions, and that is why we recognise cupcakes as a perfect alternative to tiered cake creations. This can be for Weddings as specially designed cupcake towers, or Birthdays with individual characters or themes, or special presents gift lovingly gift wrapped.
We can even offer a mixed box delivery just for you, discretion guaranteed.
Some of the current favourites include choc'n'orange, sinnamon-banana, red velvet'n'cherry. What's your favourite?

So now you have got this far your curious to know how much?
As each cake is unique, so each price is unique to each creation. So we price each cake in the most economic way, to suit your design and fit with your budget. Being a small business we are not restricted to stock from retail suppliers. We can source from anywhere to ensure you get the best value. If you want a particular ribbon colour, or cupcake case, or pearl bead, or topper, we can source it.
We do hold stock ribbon colours, and stock toppers of course, for you to choose from, but never force you to have one if you have a specific one in mind. This flexibility comes as standard.
Still want a price?
Ok, we understand that Wedding budgets are there to be aimed for. So, as part of our "build-on" range we gladly offer the following.
A 3 tier Wedding Cake (square or round), expertly iced, to cater for 100 people, with a ribbon and topper for 175.
With "build-on" you can add as much or as little as you want. Colour matched ribbon, character match topper, hand decoration, edible flowers, multi-flavour sponge or fruit, delivery, set-up. All possible and considered.
Contact us with an enquiry, its as simple as that.
We are not limited by shop hours, so if its an evening or weekend, don't worry, we will get right on it.

Once you see what we offer, you will wish you contacted us sooner.
14 Primrose Close. Flitwick, Beds. Mk45 1PJ
mob: 07739458146 tel.: 01525 793148

email: sales@sinnamoncakes.com